Arctic Sea Ice Day

July 15th is Arctic Sea Ice Day, a very important day to us here at Shared Planet! Our company is committed to helping endangered animals all over the world, the Polar Bears being one of them. We partner with Polar Bears International and donate 10% of all proceeds to this organization to help them fight climate change and maintain livable ecosystems for these bears and numerous other animals who live in the Arctic.

So, what is Arctic Sea Ice Day and why is it so important? Polar Bears International created Arctic Sea Ice Day to raise awareness and draw attention to the rapidly melting ice in the Arctic. This ice is imperative for the survival of animals like polar bears, seals, whales, and humans. Why humans? Because Arctic sea ice is what keeps our planet cool, and with climate change increasing our planet’s temperature every year, Arctic sea ice is melting at alarming rates. The less ice, the hotter the planet, the more disturbance to ecosystems all over the world. This ice also provides a platform for transportation for humans who live in northern communities. Melting ice limits this transportation and connection to the rest of the world for both humans and animals alike.

So, how can you celebrate Arctic Sea Ice Day on July 15th and all year round? Check out these four easy steps!

1. Join the SOS campaign

The Save our Sea Ice -- or SOS -- campaign was created to challenge you to make small changes in your life that can have huge, positive effects on the Arctic and our world. These changes can reduce your global footprint and combat climate change at the same time. The thermostat challenge, power down challenge, no idling challenge, and pedal for polar bears challenge are all part of the SOS campaign. Try one or all four!

2. Spread the word

One of the easiest ways to make big change is to share information and educate others. Post about Arctic Sea Ice Day on your social media or send this link to your group chat to encourage your family and friends to get involved in any way they can. The more people who are committed to fighting climate change, the quicker that change will happen.

3. Support sustainable companies

Before you buy any product, take a few moments to research that company’s sustainability practices and/or commitments. You can find any company’s mission on its website, and companies that are committed to environmentally friendly or sustainable practices will be sure to let you know. Try to support companies that use recyclable materials or environmentally friendly ingredients in their products over companies that use child labor or practice fast fashion

4. Donate

If you can’t commit to any of the above just yet, that’s ok. Donations of any kind provide Polar Bears International with the resources and manpower to combat climate change through educational programs, field work, research, and more. Donate today or challenge yourself to donate monthly if you can!


Maggie Blehar is a Philadelphia based writer/educator with a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Education. She has been plant-based since 2011 and is always in search of ethical companies to support. She loves traveling, walking her dog, painting, meditation, working for social justice, digging deeper into her zodiac sign, and exploring the Philly vegan scene with friends. Some of her favorite organizations are: Don’t Eat the Homies, Farm Sanctuary, CHNGE, Gentle Barn, and the Equal Justice Initiative. You can find out more about her at