Navigating International Tiger Day | 2020



Authored by Skylar Belden

Join us in celebrating this year’s International Tiger Day on July 29th. At Shared Planet, we believe it is important now, more than ever, to protect tiger populations. 

We are partnered with Panthera, whose Tigers Forever program is working to increase tiger populations by 50% within 10 years.
International Tiger Day is a holiday that originated in 2010. Its purpose being to raise awareness of tiger population conservation across the world. It is celebrated annually, world-wide, on July 29th.

The Importance of International Tiger Day

The tiger is classified as an endangered species, with an estimated 3,900 tigers remaining in the wild. 

To keep these numbers from further declining, we must raise awareness, and support for tiger conservation around the world.

Studies find that tiger populations have declined by 96%+ or more in the last century. There was a time when 100,000 wild tigers were roaming wild. We are now left with an estimated 3,900 tigers left in the wild.

Habitat loss and poaching are considered the greatest threats to tiger populations. Tigers have lost an estimated 95% of their habitatmuch of this due to human destruction and activities.

Supporters advocate for tiger-friendly laws and regulations to keep tiger habitats intact and prevent the hunting of tigers. They also monitor tiger population numbers, and trends, as there is no government census monitoring them.

Tigers in Captivity


Breeding tigers in captivity is not considered conservation. 

There are more tigers being held in captivity in the U.S. than there are wild tigers world-wide. Most tigers held in captivity in the United States are owned by private owners, and do not belong to one of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums institutions.

Many of these tigers reside in backyards, with owners who do not have proper knowledge or experience with handling tigers. For this reason, many tiger conservation efforts also work to end the private ownership of tigers in the U.S.

There are reportedly 7,000-8,000 captive tigers being held in facilities throughout Asia. Another 1,600 captive tigers are estimated to be held across Europe.


How Shared Planet is Supporting the Cause

Shared Planet donates 10% of purchases to animal and habitat-related charities, including Panthera!  This donation will be put towards habitat preservation, scientific research, increasing global awareness and preserving endangered species.

Make a purchase to help us make a difference!

Take Action

If you are looking to get involved with this year’s International Tiger Day, then you may be wondering where to start. Here are some ways to get involved from home:

1. Educate Yourself

In order to advocate on behalf of the tigers, you must gather the information that makes you feel passionate about the cause.

Education is a vital tool and has the power to change the world. More people are taking the time to educate themselves on the state of tigers as an endangered species. In effect, more people are acting and advocating for wild tiger conservation and more regulation of tigers in captivity.

2. Have Conversations

Having conversations with your friends and family is a way to spread important, and possibly unknown, information. After educating yourself on the matter you can begin to educate those around you.

Change cannot occur without conversation. We need to normalize having conversations about serious topics with our peers, so that we can continue working to make this world a better place.

You can start by telling you friends and family about International Tiger Day! Tell them your thoughts and opinions about tigers as an endangered species.

Getting involved with local organizations or public advocacy groups can help you have larger-scale conversations. Social media is also a great place to share your voice.

3. Donate

If you have the means to donate, then do it! Every dollar donated towards the cause is another vouch of support for saving endangered tigers.

There are many organizations available to make donations to. Be sure to do your research before choosing an organization to donate to.  We are partnered with Panthera. You can donate directly to their Save the Tiger fund