Our Charitable Missions: What They Stand for and Why We Support Them

November is the month of giving! Here at Shared Planet, we partner with multiple charities to give back to our planet and to the animals. Our main charitable partners are Panthera, Polar Bears International, and the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Shared Planet donates 10% of all sales to these organizations to help protect animals and their habitats worldwide. Every one of our products is inspired by an endangered animal, which is why we have the Sea Turtle, Tiger, and Polar Bear bundles. You can read more about why our founder, Aashna Sharma, chose these animals specifically. Currently, we are also celebrating our one year anniversary and all we have accomplished over our first year in business with 25% off our limited edition anniversary bundle, which takes its inspiration from all three animals.

Want to learn a little more about the charitable organizations we partner with? Here’s what they are doing to help protect some of our planet’s most endangered species:

1. Panthera

With less than 4,000 wild tigers left in the world, part of Panthera’s mission is to increase the tiger population by 50% over the next ten years. Tigers are an endangered species and under threats such as poaching, the illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss due to climate change and deforestation, and human-tiger conflicts. Panthera aims to combat these threats in a myriad of ways, namely through the training and outfitting of law enforcement patrols. Panthera is working to identify tiger habitats and protect those areas from hunters, and they are collaborating with local law enforcement to find and apprehend poachers. So far in their work, they have seen a 19% increase in the tiger population in Nepal over the past 5 years and have documented a new tiger population in Thailand! Panthera also works to protect and save lions, jaguars, leopards, snow leopards, pumas, and cheetahs. Want to get involved? You can sign up for their newsletter or take action here.

2. Polar Bears International

The mission of Polar Bears International is to conserve both the polar bear population and the sea ice they live and depend on for survival. Polar bears need sea ice in order to hunt seals, travel, find mates, and reproduce. With climate change rapidly destroying sea ice in the arctic, PBI predicts a severe decline in the polar bear population unless we are able to curb carbon emissions. PBI has been working hard to save the world’s polar bear population through the use of media, science, and advocacy. Recently, they have been creating a new technology for tracking polar bears that, if approved, will attach securely but non-invasively to their fur, therefore eliminating the need for bulky tracking collars. They also commit to educating the public on polar bear conservation with the belief that knowledge is the greatest catalyst for real change. Want to learn more about PBI and the majestic animals they support? You can find fun facts here or watch polar bears on the live cam.

3. Sea Turtle Conservancy

Founded in 1959, the Sea Turtle Conservancy has been crucial in both saving sea turtles from extinction and educating the world on their plight. Sea turtles have been around for over 100 million years, but they are now struggling to survive due to the negative effects humans have on oceans and beaches, such as commercial fishing, the illegal shell trade, plastic waste, and artificial lighting. To combat this decline in the sea turtle population, the Sea Turtle Conservancy has conducted thorough research and has an extensive education program. They have long list of actions you can take to help save the sea turtles, with steps as simple as refraining from using flashlights on the beach during nesting season. Like Polar Bears International, STI allows you to track active sea turtles to learn about their health and recent moves! Visit their website to get involved and learn more about changes you can take in your daily life to preserve this ancient species.

Giving back doesn’t have to be difficult! You can take action by educating yourself on the threats to endangered animals, advocating on behalf of them, donating directly to the organizations above, or purchasing one of our products, which automatically donates 10%. We are proud to work alongside these organizations to help save endangered animals all over the world and we’re glad you are here to join us!