World Oceans Day: Worldwide Unification to Protect Our Biosphere

The United Nations has designated June 8th as World Oceans Day – uniting action around the world to protect our beautiful oceans. This day is a global unification to get involved. Not only can we implement measures in our communities to protect our blue planet, but it’s also critical to call on world leaders to take part in the movement.

Why a World Oceans Day Celebration?

The oceans play a major role in everyday life, but most people don’t realize how much the ecosystem is connected. The oceans are the “lungs of our planet” since they provide the majority of the oxygen in the air. Each breath you take is the result of a finely-tuned system that ensures clean air and natural resources that are essential for life.

World Oceans Day was founded because of the dangerous impact of human actions and the way the ocean is affected. Since the ocean is a major source of both food and medicine, it is critical that all nations are proactive in sustainable management to protect these precious resources. The oceans are an essential part of the biosphere; damage to ocean life has a ripple effect on land as well.

June 8th has a two-fold purpose:

  • Celebrate the beauty, promise, and wealth of the ocean
  • Spread awareness and initiatives for sustainable ocean management

The ocean is our future, and the challenges of maintaining this delicate environment continue to grow. June 8th kicks off a week of events to share information and innovations related to consumer products, technology, systems infrastructure, scientific exploration, resource management, and more.

Humanity Depends on the Oceans

Did you know that more than three billion people around the world depend on coastal and marine biodiversity for their livelihoods? Not only are the oceans a critical part of the economy, but marine life is also an important source of food. The oceans are the world’s largest source of protein, giving families access to nutrition and health.

In addition to infusing our air with oxygen, the oceans also play a part in absorbing as much as 30% of the carbon dioxide produced by humans. This cycle is essential to buffer the impacts of global warming.

How You Can Be Involved

Here are a few ways you can be an active participant in this initiative:

  • Oceanic Global is a non-profit organization that is partnering to provide a day-long event on June 8th. You can register to listen to the panels, keynote speeches, and fireside chats on their website. Visit this link for more information about the digital event.
  • Check out The Official United Nations World Oceans Day Portal to make a pledge, organize an event, and find resources to help you inform and mobilize your community.
  • A variety of downloadable resources can be found on the official World Oceans Day website. Read about the history of this initiative and check out the annual reports to see the changes that have been made in recent years.

We can work together to not only protect our oceans but also restore the life that has been damaged due to human actions. This global celebration begins on June 8th, but it is intended to be a year-round engagement to create a better future for our planet.

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