We Share

By creating color cosmetic collections inspired by animals on the endangered or vulnerable list, Shared Planet brings visibility to ‘at risk’ animals and donates 25% of net profits to select animal and habitat-related charities across the world.

Shared Planet partners with some of the world’s premier animal organizations who develop and implement global strategies for the most endangered species and their ecosystems.

25% of Shared Planet’s net profits are used to support conservation and research initiatives to those organizations who partner with local and international NGO’s, scientific institutions, local communities, governments and citizens around the world who want to help ensure a future for endangered animals.

Shared Planet give 25% of net profits from Tiger Collection purchases to Panthera, a non-profit organization supporting the conservation of big cats around the world.


Shared Planet give 25% of net profits from Polar Bear Collection purchases to Polar Bears International, a non-profit supporting the conservation of polar bears and arctic sea ice.

Polar Bears International

Panthera is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 40 wild cat species and their ecosystems.

Polar Bears International, has been around for over 50 years.