Male Beauty Bloggers You Should be Following

by Elizabeth Denton

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that beauty — and makeup — doesn’t have a gender. People of all genders and sexualities wear makeup, whether it’s a full glam or just a touch of concealer. That’s one reason why you shouldn’t discount male beauty bloggers and the serious makeup skills many of them have. Beauty brands are giving contracts to the guys now and including them in their campaigns because they deserve it. Makeup is for everyone and representation is more important than ever.

Here, meet a handful of our favorite male beauty bloggers. We can’t stop following their every move.



Manny Gutierrez

Gutierrez, known online as MannyMUA, has this important statement in his Instagram bio: “I think boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition.” Since he launched his YouTube channel in 2014, Gutierrez has been working to prove his place within the cosmetics industry — and succeeding. He now has more than 4 million Instagram and YouTube followers, brand deals and even his own makeup line. We love the way he breaks down simple beauty tricks we can all take inspiration from, such as color correcting and eyebrow sculpting.



Kameron Lester

Though he hasn’t been a beauty blogger for very long (he started his YouTube channel in 2016), Lester is more than making up for lost time. With 47,000 Instagram followers and a rapidly growing presence on YouTube, he is quickly making a name for himself in the community. Fans love him for his colorful tutorials, sometimes even doing each eye a different bright hue. He reviews products honestly and thoroughly as he gets ready, allowing fans to follow along with ease. His joyful and grateful attitude is also infectious.



James Charles

Arguably one of the biggest boy beauty bloggers, Charles grew up in the makeup community. He nabbed major brand partnerships as a teenager and gained popularity for his makeup skills at a young age. He’s also been involved in more than a few controversies, but he’s since grown up and shown fans he’s focusing on the work, not the drama. He taught us all how to create an Instagram-worthy brow, contour our nose and overline our lips — to name just a few. With close to 16 million Instagram and YouTube followers, he’s not slowing down anytime soon.



Patrick Simondac

Not all beauty bloggers walk the red carpet or host major awards shows, but Simondac — known as Patrick Starrr — does. In the seven years since he started his YouTube channel, he has amassed more than 4 million subscribers. Fans watch his incredibly intricate tutorials with jaws dropped. Simondac has transformed himself into the Genie from “Aladdin,” Shrek and Mariah Carey, to millions and millions of views. But his skills aren’t the only reason people follow him. His “makeup is one size fits all” mentality is inspiring to everyone who could use a little more self-love themselves.



Bretman Rock

For anyone who could use a little more humor with their makeup reviews, Bretman Rock is your guy. Almost 14 million Instagram followers watch his adorable antics with his little sister and his incredibly informative “Mascara of the Day” series. The latter features him explaining in detail what he likes and dislikes about popular mascaras, allowing fans to plan how to spend their hard-earned money. Following Rock will teach you all about bright eye makeup, the perfect nude lip and what it’s like caring for a toddler.

Of course, these aren’t the only male beauty bloggers — but they are some of the ones making a big splash in the community. While you’re looking for a baking demonstration or the newest product review, take a second look at the boys for serious inspiration.

Elizabeth Denton is an LA-based beauty and lifestyle writer.